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Yara Shahidi As Tinker Bell Has Some White Disney Fans Reacting

by Black America Web

The first trailer for Disney’s Peter Pan & Wendy live-action film has arrived, and as expected, it has people stark raving mad.

Anything Disney seems to drop lately gets people (specifically) white folks in their feelings. Following the trailer’s release, complaints came rolling about Yara Shahidi playing everyone’s favorite fairy Tinker Bell in the upcoming live-action film that will premiere on Disney+.

The Peter Pan purist feels Disney is no longer concerned with sticking to the original story and how the characters traditionally looked and are now focused on inclusivity and the company’s image.

One complaint is about the fact Yara Shahidi’s Tinker Bell does not have the character’s signature blonde hair and that she lacks vibrancy.

i don’t care about the race swap, but what does bother me is the lack of color, creativity & vibrancy in many of these live action remakes. tinker bell can be black and still have her signature blonde hair- there are a lot of cute fun hairstyles they could have gone with too,” one tweet read.

Black-Washing? Really?

Another complaint suggests that Disney should start creating new stories allowing Black and Brown faces to be the focus. But the main complaint is the “black-washing” of these white fictional characters.

“Disney couldn’t care less about making new stories with Poc characters, they just put poc ppl to play white characters, and that shows 1) how lazy Disney is 2) how racist this is, it’s like they don’t think poc ppl deserve their own stories (beside like 3 animated movies?),” another Twitter user said. 

Sounds like The Little Mermaid fiasco all over again after Disney gave the role of Ariel to Halle Bailey.

You can’t please everybody.

Hit the gallery below for more positive and ridiculous negative reactions.

Photo: Disney / Peter Pan & Wendy

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