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‘Wu-Tang’ Series Spotlights GZA Portrayed By Johnell Young

by Black America Web

The third and final season of Hulu’s biographical drama series “Wu-Tang: An American Saga” is coming to a close with two episodes left. Episode eight titled “Liquid Swords” aired on Wednesday (Mar. 23) highlighting artist GZA, who is portrayed by actor Johnell Young. Read more about GZA’s episode, Young’s budding career and check out a gallery of the actor inside.

Hulu’s hit series follows the Wu Tang Clan’s formation, a vision of Bobby Diggs, who strives to unite a dozen young Black men who are torn between music and crime but eventually rise to become the unlikeliest of American success stories. The story begins in early 1990s New York, when Diggs begins to reconstruct Hip Hop as we know it. When “Wu-Tang: An American Saga” was greenlit for a third season, it was also announced that season 3 would be the show’s last. While that comes as sad news to Wu-Tang fans, the last season may be its best yet.

This season has been extremely different than past seasons. The characters have started to take on new roles as they dive deeper into the creation of each artist’s project. In Season three’s episode eight, GZA takes on the persona of “The Genius” as he journeys through an alternate New York City to unite the people using music from his debut solo album, Liquid Swords.

The latest episode had us doing a deep dive into the actor who portrays GZA. Young’s talents soar high in the recent episode. Though he’s been a recurring character throughout the show, the “Liquid Swords” episode cements him as one of our favorites.

Young has a few credits under his belt like his appearance in the All Eyes on Me film back in 2017 and a few other movie roles. “Wu-Tang: An American Saga” may be his first big TV role to date, but it certainly won’t be his last. Remember the name: Johnell Young.

Check out a gallery of our favorite photos of the flourishing talent:

‘Wu-Tang: An American Saga’ Spotlights GZA:…

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