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Tyrese Announces Double Album, Credits Divorce From Ex Wife As Inspiration

by Black America Web

Tyrese is back—and of course, he’s giving fans an in-depth look at what led to the very public divorce between him and Samantha Lee with his new double album, Beautiful Pain.


During a recent interview with Lifestyle Specialist Kenny Burns, the triple threat revealed not only how the divorce inspired his new project but he also shared the obstacles that he and his current girlfriend, Zelie, have overcome in their blossoming relationship while going through his divorce; before being dropped from his label.



While discussing the upcoming project, Tyrese shared his thoughts on why it’s hard for Black men to open up while going through mental health issues, stating that oftentimes their struggles are overlooked due to others focusing on their social status and wealth.

“You tell someone you’re depressed and the first thing is, ‘yea ok, you got a Rolls Royce, n***a you’ll be alright.’ When the truth is when you’ve been getting money as long as we’ve been getting money, that ain’t going to stop you from carrying and feeling and trying to navigate through that sh*t.”

The two legends also discussed the inspiration behind Beautiful Pain, to which the Fast X star attributes both his ex-wife, Samantha, and current girlfriend Zelie Timothy for the inspiration.

“I want to give ya’ll the heads up,” Tyrese continued. “For all of you uber-sensitive people out there, let me tell you what you’re not going to do—and that is stop me from speaking up, living, and walking in my truth.  And if your brain is triggered by a man speaking his truth and sharing what he experienced and you look at that as bashing or tearing down someone because they happen to be a woman—then your whole process is wrong.”

While Tyrese is in a great place regarding his music currently, the triple threat took to Instagram on Tuesday (Feb. 14) to announce to fans and ask for love before sharing that he had been dropped by his…

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