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T.J. Holmes’ ‘concern’ over fight with Amy Robach was about being black

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T.J. Holmes hesitated airing his and Amy Robach’s fight on their podcast because of the racist commentary he “knew” would come.

“It is going to I fear be viewed as a black man beating up on a white woman,” Holmes said on Thursday’s episode of the “Amy and T.J. Podcast.”

“Obviously, I was not yelling, screaming or doing anything.”

Robach, 50, admitted she was “shocked” because race has never occurred to her as being an issue in their relationship.

“There have been a lot of things that I have learned personally … that would never have crossed my mind,” she shared.

“Race, the fact that you’re black and I’m white, would’ve never crossed my mind, and that’s kind of to your point.”

As a white woman dating a black man, the former “20/20” co-anchor confessed to realizing there’s a “constant learning curve.”

“It never crossed my mind that there would be any racial element to this,” she shared.

Holmes, 46, said the comments and coverage of their argument, which they aired earlier this week, has left him “scared to speak my mind” even though Robach was “impressed” by how “respectful” their argument was.

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During the headline-making episode, the duo candidly discussed some of their communication issues, with Robach even calling out her beau for becoming “moody” on his “really bad days.”

“What I’d love for you to do is to confide in me, to lean on me, to share with me so that we’re a part of the solution together,” she told him.

Meanwhile, Holmes claimed that when times get “bad,” the “last thing” he wants to do is “tell you what I need.”

The feud left fans wondering if the couple were going to break up — if they hadn’t already — but Robach and Holmes assured listeners they were still an item.

“Hey, folks, just wanted to check in and let you know that…

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