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‘Summer House’ newbie West Wilson plays coy on current relationship status with Ciara Miller

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“Summer House” newcomer West Wilson is remaining tight-lipped on where things stand between him and his co-star-turned-lover, Ciara Miller.

The reality star recently stopped by ’s studio in New York City, where we asked him to spill the tea about his current relationship status.

We brought up how Miller previously told us she spent her Valentine’s Day on a double date – though she failed to reveal who was all involved in that hangout at the time.

“Where was I? Umm, I’m trying to remember,” Wilson coyly said in response.

A shy Wilson then implied that he may have celebrated Valentine’s Day, though perhaps not on the exact date of the romantic holiday. However, he neither confirmed or denied whether he was involved in the “double dinner” happening around that timeframe.

“Can’t say, but people celebrate Valentine’s Day on the 13th and the 15th,” he cryptically added.

The sports journalist –– who has quickly become a fan-favorite personality on the hit Bravo show –– also got candid about the “overwhelming” amount of Instagram DMs he’s received since starring on the show.

“Everyone before the shows aired has been like, ‘Oh, get ready for the DMs,’ and I was like, ‘I’ll get a couple,’ [but] no, it’s been f–king crazy –– a little overwhelming,” he confessed.

But Wilson continued to play coy on whether female Bravo fans should keep messaging him amid his possible relationship with Miller.

“There are a lot of women who shoot their shots but preface [with], ‘If things don’t work out, I’m here,’” he explained. “It’s so nice, so those get a little double tap. There’s…

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