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Reality star gets ‘Big Mouth’ tattoo during Netflix live show

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It’s about time Marty Glouberman got the recognition he deserves.

Nick Kroll and the cast of “Big Mouth” surprised the audience at the 2024 Netflix Is a Joke Festival when they brought a woman onstage to get a tattoo Thursday.

Becca Calb, who starred on Peacock’s “Couple to Throuple,” was preselected and paid for her own flight to Los Angeles to get inked up live at the Greek Theatre with a vulgar tattoo of the animated character, voiced by Richard Kind.

Kroll led the surprise announcement by showing the crowd a series of tattoos fans have gotten over the show’s eight seasons, but he was dismayed there were none of Marty, the stereotypical Jewish father of John Mulaney’s character, Andrew Glouberman.

The comedian brought Kind and a tattoo artist named Ridge Young to the stage before Calb came up to introduce herself, showing off a Matthew Perry memorial tattoo she got following the “Friends” star’s tragic 2023 death.

“Way to bring down the room, Becca,” Kroll joked before adding that Calb’s Marty tattoo was going to be “much worse” than the Perry tribute.

Kroll, 45, told the crowd that due to LA health codes, Ridge had to give Calb the tattoo — which featured Marty in a compromising sexual position wearing a saddle — backstage, but would check in and see how things were going before they debuted it at the end of the night.

“I’m having a wonderful time,” Kind later said as they gave a video update in the middle of the show. “I’ve been looking at thigh for 45 minutes. It’s spectacular.”

The 67-year-old comedian continued, “I love it here. I think this is fascinating seeing skin burnt. It’s great. I found out a lot about Becca, and I’m sure her parents are so proud…

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