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Lala Kent’s forgiving voice memo to Raquel Leviss revealed

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Lala Kent sent an unexpected message to Raquel Leviss during the Season 11 premiere of “Vanderpump Rules” on Tuesday.

“Hey Raquel, um, I’m sure I’m like the last person you expected to hear from, um, I hope that you’re doing OK,” Kent said as she spoke into her phone for the voice memo.

“Um, I don’t know if you’re back in LA or not, but I’d like to have a conversation with you at some point if you’re open to that, um, alright hope to talk to you soon,” she concluded.

Just seconds after sending the voice memo via an Instagram direct message, Kent noticed that Leviss had “seen” it.

“Oh my God, she saw it. I feel like I’m gonna throw up and s–t my pants at the same time,” Kent said.

It’s unclear if Leviss actually listened to the message, but Kent later told that Leviss didn’t respond.

Kent –– who previously defended herself for being “mean” to Leviss both on social media and at the explosive Season 10 reunion following the reveal of Leviss’ affair with Tom Sandoval –– changed her tune about Leviss after relating Leviss’ situation to a similar one she experienced herself.

The “Give Them Lala” podcast host, 33, sent the note after pulling aside Lisa Vanderpump for a heart-to-hart chat during a group party at TomTom.

“I’m feeling a lot of different ways about this Raquel situation after like taking a step back,” Kent told Vanderpump.

Kent recalled a poignant moment from last season, where Leviss sat in a confessional and admitted to feeling like Sandoval was her “one person.” Leviss also said that she feared if she told the full story of their affair, she’d be cut off by him, too, and “really have nobody.”

After recalling that moment, Kent told Vanderpump, “What I can relate to is feeling isolated and feeling like the person who has made you feel like they’re the only one, and if you go against them, you have…

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