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‘Do not listen to her!’

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Dr. Terry Dubrow is calling out Jillian Michaels for trying to convince people not to take Ozempic, which he dubs a “miracle weight loss drug.”

“As a board-certified physician and a certified expert for the California medical board, I’m not here to debate scientific and medical issues with a personal trainer,” he told TMZ on Tuesday.

Dubrow, 65, explained that when someone with “great influence” like Michaels disses the drug it can “limit people’s interest in treating the ‘disease’ of obesity” with drugs like Ozempic — a Type 2 diabetes medication used for weight loss.

“What Jillian has said is that there is going to be A: a massive fallout with the long-term use of Ozempic, people are going to get used to it like they get used to coffee, and [B:] the side-effects are so bad you shouldn’t even try it,” he explained.

Michaels previously told People that she got several of her friends and family members to stop using the “dangerous” weight loss drug due to the severe side effects, which she claimed left her loved ones feeling “like s—t.”

“Once they get off of the drug, it does the rebound effect,” she claimed. “So you’re not gaining anything. You get off the drug in a year and go all the way back. You’ve not learned anything. You’ve not built any physical strength or endurance. You haven’t learned how to eat healthy.”

While Dubrow said that Jillian is “absolutely right” that proper “diet and exercise” is “critical” to overall health, he argued that she can’t deny the positive impact of the drug.

“To ignore or belittle these incredible, miracle weight loss drugs is sending the wrong message,” he said. “Do not listen to her, ladies and gentlemen!”

“If you are obese, you are at risk for major causes of mortality. Anything you can do to lower your body fat, including diet and exercise, that’s safe — and these drugs, again,…

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