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Christine Quinn alleges ‘abusive’ husband Christian Richard threw dog poop at her, peed on her floor in violent outburst

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Christine Quinn is painting a dire picture of the alleged abuse she has experienced within the confines of her California mansion due to her husband, Christian Richard, in a bombshell restraining order filing.

According to court docs exclusively obtained by Wednesday, the “Selling Sunset” alum alleges the real estate businessman suffers from serious mental health issues, including bipolar, mania and schizophrenia, claiming it all came to a head on March 18 — the day before his domestic violence arrest.

Quinn, 35, claims in the filing that on the day of their dispute, she expressed “dissatisfaction” with their relationship, including his alleged “lack of financial contribution” and “lack of effort” to be a “true partner.”

The reality star claims at this point her husband became enraged, yelling at her and throwing floral arrangements that she had around the house.

“He narrowly missed hitting me with one of the metal rods, but I was struck by one of boxes he threw,” she further claims.

“He then opened a can of Red Bull and threw that across the room as well, making more of a mess … and returned a short time later, and threw dog feces at me, which he pulled out of the trash.”

Quinn then alleges Richard “pulled out his penis and began to urinate on the floor,” claiming the “rampage went on for some time.”

“After he collected and threw multiple heavy floral arrangements at me over the course of approximately half an hour, he then retrieved and opened a can of Dr. Pepper and proceeded to pour it all over the bed and the floor, all the while shouting and yelling abuse,” she further claims.

Quinn alleges she did not immediately call the police out of fear, claiming Richard “could then seriously injure or kill [her] before the police were able to get through the gate.”

The former Netflix star claims to have video of the alleged incident, as she took out her phone to…

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