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Barbara Corcoran, 75, reveals she got third facelift and wants a fourth

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Barbara Corcoran isn’t letting age slow her down.

During a recent visit to the studio to promote her inaugural MargaritaCon with Astral Tequila, the 75-year-old “Shark Tank” star revealed she recently got her third facelift — and she already has plans for more.

“I’m hoping to have a fourth one on my 85th birthday,” said Corcoran.

When asked about other future procedures she’s considering, Corcoran said she’s open to “whatever I can sign up for.”

“I’m thinking of enhancing my figure,” she said, before admitting she’s not sure she could “withstand” multiple surgeries.

“I would like to have a bigger chest, bigger hips, bigger butt.”

Despite all her success, Corcoran said she’s considering such enhancements because she wants to be “a different woman.”

“I want to be not the kind of woman [who makes] people say, ‘Wow, she’s great at business,’ or ‘Wow, she’s rich.’ I want to be the kind of woman that walks by and a guy whistles and says, ‘Wow, she’s hot.’ That’s what I’m after.”

But Corcoran’s not looking for new love; she’s been married to her husband, Bill Higgins, for 40 years.

She says that her secret to a successful marriage is sleeping in separate bedrooms.

“I fell in love with [Higgins] again the day I got my own bedroom,” Corcoran quipped.

“Just when that shine is coming off the marriage and you’re starting to see what’s wrong with the guy you married — that’s when I should have had my own bedroom.”

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