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Tom Joyner Talks With ‘Sherri’ On Learning Work Ethic From Tuskegee And Missed Fate With The Commodores

by Black America Web

The media legend himself Tom Joyner may be retired from running things here at Black America Web, but you wouldn’t tell by how active he’s been out here in recent times.

Following a gracious recovery after suffering a mini stroke back in 2020, the radio icon made his way down the daytime circuit by visiting Sherri. Their conversation was nothing short of watching old friends talking and catching up — dirty jokes and side-splitting laughter, aplenty!


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The exchange seen above was just one of the hilarious stories that Tom reminisced on with Sherri, in addition to breaking down how his unwavering determination to win over the years can be directly credited back to his days at Tuskegee University. That era of his life also influenced his lifetime dedication to helping fund HBCUs, which he gets majority of donation money by way of the fundraising on his annual Fantastic Voyage cruise.

The two also recollected on an interesting story that also pertains to Joyner’s past, which actually could’ve changed the whole trajectory of his entire career. During his aforementioned days at Tuskegee, the Class Of 1970 alumni also shared the halls with original members of now-legendary R&B group, The Commodores. Joyner himself was a founding member of the group, but he explained to Sherri how dropping out of school to tour the world with the group didn’t exactly work with his parents’ plans for his future.

“I never listened to another thing my daddy said,” he joked about the missed opportunity at fame. Can you blame him though?!

This year’s Fantastic Voyage will be no different — it might even be the best one yet! —  and tickets can still be purchased online. We’ll let Tom explain it further below in his interview on Sherri:


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