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‘Snowfall’ Season 6 Episode 6 Recap

by Black America Web

After being forced to listen to his father be murdered, we had to know that Teddy (Carter Hudson) would be plotting his revenge and gearing up for an all out war against Franklin (Damson Idris). In this episode entitled ‘Concrete Jungle,’ that’s exactly what happened along with so much more. The episode began with Teddy trying to get some of his ducks in a row. He first called Julia (Peta Sergeant) to inform her that there was a threat on her and Paul’s lives and they needed to relocate. Afterwards, Teddy tells Stephen (Matthew Alan) that he wants eyes on Franklin’s penthouse, his office and his mother’s house and he doesn’t want any other law enforcement agencies involved. We’re reminded cereal Teddy can be when he shows out at the home of the KGB agent out to destroy him. He urges Ruben (Alejandro Edda) to walk away. He warns him that if he doesn’t let the situation go, the next he sees him he will kill him. After seemingly handling that, Teddy had to discuss his future with Parissa (Tiffany Lonsdale). He all but confesses his love for her and they basically agree to be in it together from here on out. Now that everyone he cares about is safe, how will Teddy look to go at Franklin? Have we seen the last of Ruben? Will Gustavo be the eventual downfall of Teddy?

Similarly to how Teddy felt a war was ensuing, Franklin did too. He wasn’t the only one though. After witnessing Franklin murder Teddy’s father, Cassandra (Tamara Taylor) felt like it was just a matter of time before things got out of hand. She expressed this to Veronique (Devyn A. Tyler). Cassandra proposed a plan where she and Veronique run away from Franklin and raise the baby elsewhere. She felt like it would be the only way her daughter would be able to stay alive or out of jail. Unfortunately for her, Veronique decided to stick with Franklin. The two then headed over to the projects where Franklin addressed Cissy (Michael Hyatt), Leon (Isaiah John) and Wanda (Gail…

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