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Smokey Robinson Does Hip Thrusting Dance On Stage, Twitter Hilariously Salutes 83-Year-Old Motown Legend

by Black America Web

Ahead of the release of his album Gasms on April 28, Smokey Robinson is proving he still got it.

And “it” isn’t just his song-making abilities but the moves on stage as well. The 83-year-old is still making the rounds on tour and was recently in Newark, NJ performing for fans at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center on March 4.

While playing some hits, the legend decided to dance around on stage, which included moves like throwing his hands up in the sky and tossing his hips from side to side. However, the most iconic comes when he grabs the waist of his pants and thrusts his hips back and forth, to the crowd’s delight.

Of course, as only a legend can, Robinson was donning an all-red outfit during the performance, which included high-heeled red boots and a set of layered gold chains to the set outfit off perfectly.

The hip thrusting is only the last move that’s got Robinson in the headlines, as he recently turned heads for provocatively naming his next album Gasms.

While walking the 2023 Grammys red carpet, the Motown legend spoke about deciding on the risque album title- his first album of all-new material since 2009- including a track called “I Fit In There.”

“I want to be controversial. Let them talk about it. Let them wait and hear what it says,” he explained. “And it’s controversial because when you say ‘gasms, the first thing people think about is orgasm. Okay. ‘Gasms is any good feeling you might get; anything that makes you happy is a ‘gasm. Okay. So it’s controversial and people are going to have to hear it to know what I’m talking about.

See Twitter’s hilarious reaction to Smokey’s dance moves below.

Smokey Robinson Graces Stage With Hip Thrusting Dance, Twitter Hilariously Salutes 83-Year-Old Motown Legend 
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