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Fact or fiction? Go on a thrilling adventure to places where answers remain elusive.

Red Earth Uncovered delves into the possibilities and truths surrounding well-known historic events, legendary stories, and the role of Indigenous Peoples.

Each half-hour episode takes viewers on an adventure to places where world-renowned mysteries remain elusive. The possibilities and truths about what could be and how Aboriginal Peoples may have played a role in these well-known historical events and stories are uncovered.

The series features interviews with locals and Aboriginal Peoples to get perspective and understanding about each story. Explore and uncover the truths behind Big Foot, search for Sasquatch, hear about encounters with Little People, learn about the legend of Thunderbird, and much more.

In each episode there are visually stunning sand art stories that are created and animated by the artist Marie Linda Bluteau (Art Bluto).

Shayla looks into Sasquatch sightings in and around Alberta in Season 1, episode 7 of “Red Earth Uncovered.”

Canadian icon and multiple award-winner, Tom Jackson hosts the series and sends his investigative co-host Shayla Stonechild on quests to pursue the unknown. Jackson is a pathfinder chronicler who is excited about the stories and untold truths of the legends. He is fascinated by the untold truths and stories behind legends.

Stonechild is a young explorer who wants to delve into the mysteries and discover the unknown. She eagerly explores and gets first-hand experience interviewing eyewitnesses and Aboriginal Peoples in hopes of uncovering the truth behind the legends.

Watch online for free at redearth.tv.


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