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‘Power Book II: Ghost’ Recap: Riq & Brayden Bring The Weight To Wall Street, Cane Owns Lorenzo

by Black America Web

Last week on Power Book II: Ghost’s season 3 premiere, we met Noma, the new BIG BAD in the Powerverse, and she does not play. Riq is definitely his father’s son after he kills Bash out of pure anger. We found out that Effie (Alix Lapri) and Brayden (Gianni Paolo) didn’t finish the job with Lauren (Paige Hurd), and she survived the assassination attempt on her life. That’s precisely where episode two picks up. 

Lauren Won’t Snitch On Riq

As mentioned above, Lauren is alive and well and under the care of Jenny Sullivan (Paton Ashbrook), the only person who knows Lauren did not drown in that vehicle. After Effie knocked her the hell out, put her in the car, and pushed it into a lake, a bystander luckily saw the car sinking, and she was saved in the nick of time.

Lauren wants to go home, but Jenny wants the world, including her parents, to believe she is dead until she can prove that Riq (Michael Rainey Jr.)is the head of a drug enterprise. Even after suffering her traumatic event, Lauren knows it was Effie who was behind her attempted murder, but Jenny tells her there is no evidence to prove that is the case. Jenny asks Lauren if she can give her any information linking Riq to Brayden or Effie, and Lauren says nah because she still has feelings for Riq.

There Will Be No Drug Selling At Stansfield or Weston Holdings

Speaking of Riq, he, Effie, and Brayden show up at the warehouse to meet with Cane (Woody McClain) and Obi (Kyle Vincent Terry) to discuss the plans to move all of Noma’s drugs. We know they sell drugs, and Brayden was born with money, but these are the most fly college students we have ever seen.

Moving along, Effie agrees to start selling drugs along the Ivy College circuit, but Riq tells her to stay away from Stansfield because the block is still hot after Brayden fell on the CourseCorrect sword.

Cane hired some dudes to help move some of the drugs, and Brayden suggests they start selling to coke-abusing…

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