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Our What To Watch TV List Inspired By TV’s Most Iconic Breakups

by Black America Web

This week’s ‘What to Watch’ TV list is inspired by the most iconic TV breakups Americans still can’t get over. With the recent total eclipse asking for us to let go of the past, these most searched breakups are still tough to get over. Watch clips from this week’s ‘What to Watch’ TV list inside.

A new study discovered America’s most popular TV show breakup is Ross and Rachel’s from the adored sitcom “Friends.” Their breakup with the iconic line, “We were on a break!” is crowned America’s most Googled TV show split. Nearly twenty years later, Americans still search for this breakup a staggering 1,213 times a month on average. Ross and Rachel’s breakup is the most popular in 45 states, and Vermont searches for this split more than any other state.

Bonus code experts at No Deposit 365 conducted a study that investigated average monthly search volume data to determine the nation’s most Googled TV show breakup. By gathering a list of the most well-known couples from famous TV shows, experts examined how many times their breakups were Googled in the past 12 months. The study also discovered the states searching the most for each couple.

America’s second most Googled breakup is Steve and Nancy’s from “Stranger Things.” The high school split witnesses 556 monthly searches on average and is the most searched-for breakup in four states. Kansas residents revisit the heartbreaking moment the most, along with Kentucky, Louisiana, and Oregon.

Haley and Andy’s breakup in the hit family comedy series, “Modern Family” comes in third on the list, with 453 monthly searches on average. New Mexico searches the most for the heartbreaking split, where the couple say their tearful goodbyes as Andy moves home for a job opportunity. A classic “right person wrong time” breakup is bound to stick with viewers.

Check out the full list of the most iconic TV breakups below:

This Week’s ‘What To Watch’…

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