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On heels of racist comments, ‘Dilbert’ creator says he’s being invited to ‘come over to the barbecue’

by The Grio

“Dilbert” mastermind Scott Adams is back with more racially insensitive remarks as he already faces backlash that led 77 newspapers nationwide to pull his widely syndicated comic strip.

Last month, while chatting with viewers of his “Real Coffee with Scott Adams” web series, the cartoonist ranted about how white people should “get the hell away from Black people,” according to the New York Daily News.

“Based on the current way things are going,” Adams said on Feb. 27, The Associated Press reported, “the best advice I would give to white people is to get the hell away from Black people.”

His controversial remarks were in response to a debatable poll alleging a significant portion of Black people oppose the idea that “it’s okay to be white,” the Daily News reported.

Adams, a 65-year-old white man, frequently referred to Black people as belonging to a “hate group” or a “racist hate group” and declared he would no longer “help Black Americans.”

During an interview with Chris Cuomo on Monday night, Adams explained to the News Nation host that he “intentionally courted controversy” to highlight how tense racial relations are in the United States, adding that the remarks spreading online need more context.

“There’s no other way to interpret it,” Adams said, the Daily News reported, “than the worst possible way.”

He insisted that he was framing his main argument in a manner that would “attract attention,” which, in Adams’ opinion, took on a life of its own. He said he knew his remarks would spark controversy, but thought they would remain within his audience.

Adams attempted to clarify his comments.

“What I want your audience to know is that when I complained about Black people having a bad attitude about white people, that was me saying nothing about Black people,” he said, The Daily Mail reported. “It was saying, ‘I…

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