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Normani Played The Cutest Prank On Ciara And Their Sisterhood Warms Our Hearts

by Black America Web

Apparently, Normani needs a movie deal because homegirl is an actress! In a video filmed by Elle magazine, the “Worth It” singer hit up fellow songstress and friend Ciara to prank her, and we can’t stop laughing at how the adorable conversation transpired!

Sitting pretty on a cream chair in a fitted all-black long-sleeve turtleneck dress that she paired with black stockings and a silver chain bracelet, Normani called up her girl Ciara to jokingly tell her that she is considering being on the reality television show The Bachelorette. After greeting her friend and telling her she misses her, the “Wild Side” artist got straight to prank business. “I got an offer to be the next bachelorette,” she hesitantly tells Ciara. The “Goodies” crooner immediately goes into friend mode while Normani tries to stifle her laugh. “What the heck? No, wait a minute. Tell me what’s going on. Why are you considering this,” Ciara inquires.

It’s Normani and Ciara’s Sisterhood For Us

Normani continues by explaining why she thinks The Bachelorette would be appropriate, and Ciara tells her straight up, “I wouldn’t do it.” The mother-of-four warns her of the kissing she may have to do, to which Normani responds, “I would definitely set those boundaries like no tongue.” And Ciara wasn’t having it for her friend!

After keeping the prank going for a few more beats, Normani finally let Ciara in on the joke, and the two burst into laughter. ‘You know me better than that. I’m not about to go on The Bachelorette,’ Normani quipped. While the prank was undeniably amusing, what truly shone through was the sisterhood. Ciara, stepping into her role as the protective big sister, gently reminded Normani that this might not be the best path for her. 

In an industry often marred by the narrative of Black women being pitted against each other, it’s a breath of fresh air to witness two talented sisters like Normani and Ciara sharing a…

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