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Nia Long Sparks Consent Debate Over Adult Boyfriend As A Teen

by Black America Web


Not surprisingly, there’s always been talk when it comes to the dating life of perfectly-seasoned actress Nia Long — literally, just look at her! — even at the golden age of 52 years old. However, she recently sparked some major talk about her teenage love life after a clip from an interview resurfaced of The Best Man screen siren admitting that she had a 30-year-old boyfriend at the time.

…..Oh, and he got her mom’s consent! Watch below for the jaw-dropping reveal:


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As you can tell from the gasps from the audience heard in the background, Long’s moment of honesty wasn’t exactly met with open arms. For the record, Nia explains that she, in her words, “wasn’t the girl that ever went to prom” and that her Oman-raised ex-boyfriend “was so good” and also “kind” to her. “He did it the right way,” she exclaimed, elaborating by adding, “He went to [my mom] and he said ‘I love your daughter and I want to date your daughter.’” Mom’s response? “Well, if that’s who you love, baby…”

Yeah, we’re scratching our heads right along with you! However, there are a few things to consider here. Nia said she was a teenager, but never gave the exact age she was when dating her much-older Omani man. The actress was born in Brooklyn and raised in California, where the age of consent is 17 years old and 18 years old, respectively. Her first comment about “prom” alludes to the timeframe being closer to 17 or 18, maybe even 19, but the decade-plus age gap between them either way still raises questions for us. She also mentions that through his hair salon business, she was taught lessons on how to tap into her femininity in terms of haircare and makeup. Given these mitigating factors — she’s happy, mom’s happy and he’s giving her tips on womanhood! — could it ever be cool to be a cradle-robber?

Take some time to really think about it — and no,…

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