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Snoop Dogg Urges Los Angeles Lakers To Clean House

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Snoop Dogg isn’t thrilled with the performance of his hometown basketball team, as he has now suggested they rebuild the troops from the ground up.

During an interview on All The Smoke that aired on Thursday (January 26), the Long Beach native talked about what might help the Los Angeles Lakers perform better, given their low ranking in the Western Conference this season.

“We need to move some furniture around and put some dogs on the court, because anytime a young team comes to town, we freeze up,” he explained. “Jeanie [Buss], think about it — what’re we built on? Get us some young guns out there.”

He then took a moment to acknowledge that LeBron James is still on top of his game at 39 years of age, saying: “Old dog, you doing your thing. I’ma give you yours — cuh doing his thing.”

Snoop isn’t the only West Coast rap legend to have strong opinions about the Lakers.

Earlier this month, Ice Cube joined The Pat McAfee Show to talk all things basketball. During the chat, he shared his thoughts on the Los Angeles Lakers winning the NBA’s inaugural In-Season Tournament.

The tournament, which the Lakers won in early December by beating the Indiana Pacers 123–109, is “a new annual competition for all 30 teams,” according to the league. It consisted of a total of 67 games across two stages, group play and knockout rounds. Each match counted as a regular season game.

The N.W.A rapper proceeded to share that the Lakers winning the tournament’s NBA Cup was not the same thing as a championship banner.

Snoop Dogg Grills Lakers Star Over Poor Playoffs Performance: 'Get Yo Ass In The Gym!'

Snoop Dogg Grills Lakers Star Over Poor Playoffs Performance: ‘Get Yo Ass In The Gym!’

“I don’t know if I count that as a banner. I think that’s more of a certificate,” he joked.

“We usually don’t hang nothing up but championship banners, so I guess this is cool if we need some extra window dressing. But for the most part, it’s a napkin.”

Ice Cube’s involvement in basketball goes far deeper than being a…

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