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Lil Pump Threatens To ‘Slap’ Joe Budden For ‘Hitting Women’

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Lil Pump has called out Joe Budden for “harassing women” — and is ready to “crash out” on the rapper-turned-podcaster.

The “Gucci Gang” hitmaker unloaded on Budden on Instagram Live on Tuesday (January 23), saying the former Slaughterhouse MC should “burn in hell” for his alleged history of sexual assault and domestic violence.

“I don’t respect a guy who fucking hits women. Fuck Joe Budden ’cause you literally harass women,” he began. “Why the fuck is you harassing women, hoe-ass n-gga?! Your ass should burn in hell, cuz. I’m ready to crash out about this shit.

“Don’t hit women, don’t harass women. What the fuck is wrong with you? Go hit a guy. Come at me, n-gga. Let’s go. Let’s crash out together. What you wanna do?”

Pump then mocked Budden over his 2003 breakout hit “Pump It Up” before threatening to “slap the fuck” out of him.

“Your only song was ‘Pump It Up,’” he said. “Lil’ weird-ass jit. I’ll slap the fuck out of you and your bald-ass head. Fuck wrong with you, jit?”

“And guess what? I’m flying to New York next week, n-gga. We can crash out,” he added, indicating he’s serious about his threat.

Lil Pump also aired out Joe Budden on his Instagram Stories, calling him “worthless” and a “drug addict.”

“Fuck joe budden 43 year old drug addict women beter ur worthless go hit a man not a woman,” he wrote in one post.

In another, Pump shared a screenshot of a Variety article with the headline: “Joe Budden Accused Of Sexual Harassment by Fellow Podcast Host Olivia Dope, Issues Apology.”

He then shared a mugshot of the rap veteran, followed by a closing message: “It’s never okay to hit women ur a piece of shit.”

It’s unclear what prompted Lil Pump’s tirade, but he previously co-signed Migos’ diss track against Budden, “Ice Tray,” back in 2017.

Podcaster Olivia…

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