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Latto Reacts To Old Video Of Her Performing At 13 Years Old

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Latto has shared some words of motivation while reflecting on her early start in the entertainment business.

On Thursday (January 18), the Atlanta rapper shared a viral clip from earlier this month that features her rapping on stage at the age of 13.

“Don’t give up,” she wrote in a quote tweet.

Check out the post and video below:

Latto seems to be losing her patience with people who discredit her and the success she spent over a decade working toward. Last year, the “Big Energy” hitmaker clapped back at a social media user who insisted that her position in show business isn’t a product of her talent.

“Latto has to be an industry plant i[‘m] sorry,” the person wrote in a since-deleted tweet.

The 25-year-old star responded by quoting the tweet and writing: “I been doing this since a kid & I get real love/respect from the greats for that.. I came up before social media I handed out mixtapes, did open mics & talent shows, etc. I hate when y’all say this.. I worked VERY long & hard to be here. Being relevant since 16yo is not easy or common.”

More recently, she hit back at a fan who suggested that she stop working with lesser known artists. The comment came after Miss Mulatto teased a release with rising star Anycia, which one person appeared to take issue with.

Latto Claims Female Rap Beef Is Fueled By Fans, Not The Artists: ‘I Don’t Think It’s Us’

A social media user commented on Twitter: “Girl we love you but you need to stop doing collabs with these unknown artists enough is enough, as fans we want to see you win and this will get you nowhere and a latto feature is losing its value. no more babydrills, luh tylers and whoever this is next era please.”

Latto then quoted the tweet and explained why she thinks it’s important to support new talent, writing: “Y’all be getting besides y’all self.. Shawty from the south…

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