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Kevin Gates Details 5-Year Semen Retention Journey

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Kevin Gates is still devoted to keeping it all inside, at least when it comes to his “life force.”

The Baton Rouge rapper made a return visit to Million Dollaz Worth of Game for an episode that dropped on Sunday (January 28). During the interview, he revealed that he’s still on the semen retention “journey” that he spoke about when he visited the program back in 2021.

Gates said he has been on his mission for the past five years, though he wasn’t a purist about it.

“You gon’ release every now and then,” he explained. “You gon’ have a wet dream here and there. You don’t beat yourself up about it, because anything in your body that need to come out gon’ naturally come out.”

You can find the segment beginning at the 33:56 mark below.

Kevin Gates explained that as part of his regimen, he avoided pornography and masturbation. And he said that he keeps to the program even during sex.

“Even when I’m with a woman, once she get off, I’m done,” he continued.

The “2 Phones” spitter said he had been reluctant to talk about the topic for fear of his comments about it getting turned into “clickbait.”

Among the benefits, Gates claimed, were that “it makes a man more cognitive in his life,” as well as better skin.

“You look at men and they release a lot, their skin don’t glow,” he elaborated. “They skin almost look grey.”

Gates took credit for what he said was the increased popularity of semen retention — a popularity that he said dated back to his earlier Million Dollaz… appearance.

Kevin Gates Says He 'Heals' Women By Restricting Sex: 'I Start With 90 Days'

Kevin Gates Says He ‘Heals’ Women By Restricting Sex: ‘I Start With 90 Days’

“I tell men that everybody laughed at me when I first talked about it on y’all podcast,” he said. “Now everybody talking about, they do it now. Man, y’all know where y’all got it from.”

On the music side, Kevin Gates’ most recent album The Ceremony came out this past Friday (January 26).

The Ceremony feels more triumphant than…

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