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Kendrick Lamar’s Fiancée Dragged Into Drake Beef Over ‘Hypocrisy’

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Kendrick Lamar‘s fiancée Whitney Alford has been dragged into his feud with Drake over her light-skinned complexion.

Kendrick used the 6 God’s mixed race background as ammo on his diss track “Euphoria,” leading to accusations of hypocrisy as Alford — K. Dot’s high childhood sweetheart and mother of his two children — is also light-skinned.

In an Instagram video, a user named Medusa Showoff slammed the Compton rapper for the perceived double standard, saying: “Kendrick Lamar has no right to question Drake’s Blackness. I really hate that I’m defending Drake right now but I gotta call a thing a thing.

“K. Dot, baby, your wife is just as whitewashed as Drake is. Be fucking for real. Your wife has a white mother and is just as far removed from the Black community as Drake is.”

Continuing to falsely describe Alford as Lamar’s wife, she added: “If we’re being honest, Drake actually looks more Black than your wife does. Your wife does not look Black at all […] I notice with biracial women, y’all always wanna call them Black but then wanna switch it up when it comes to biracial men. I don’t like that shit.

“Not only that, Kendrick Lamar lied and say he loves dark-skinned women, meanwhile he’s been married to a biracial light-skinned woman the whole time […] It’s the hypocrisy for me. Stop playing both sides of the fence.”

Medusa was largely criticized for her comments and assumptions about Kendrick Lamar’s partner of 20 years.

One person hit back in the comments section: “Tell me you didn’t understand the song without telling me you didn’t understand the song! Girl stay out of this conversation because you making us all look bad.”

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Another said: “Kendrick’s wife grew up in Compton fym she whitewashed and far removed?”

Drake previously made reference to Whitney Alford on his own diss track “Push Ups” where he rapped: “I be…

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