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Kendrick Lamar Hailed A ‘Genius’ For Hidden ‘6:16 In LA’ Drake Shots

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Kendrick Lamar has amazed fans with some of the apparent hidden shots in his latest Drake diss track “6:16 In LA.”

Shortly after its release on Friday (May 3), an X (formerly Twitter) account theorized some of the meanings behind the song’s title, all of which could be interpreted as subtle digs at the 6 God.

“The title of ‘6:16 in LA’ might be the QUINTUPLE entendre that Drake asked for [two brain explosion emojis],” the post read. “Kendrick Lamar drops the song at exactly 6:16am; 16th of June 2024 is father’s day in Canada; 16th of June 1972 Tupac Shakur was born; 16th of June 1994 OJ Simpson’s murder trial officially started in LA; The song is a play of Drake’s infamous timestamp series.

“Is this a reach or is Kendrick Lamar a GENIUS[?]”

Deepening the potential OJ connection, some speculated that the artwork for “6:16 in LA” — a photo of black leather driving gloves — was a nod to the former NFL star, who was famously acquitted of the murder of his ex-wife Nicole Simpson after he was made to try on the gloves found at the crime scene during the trial, but they didn’t fit.

“OR it means….’I murder caucasians and get away with it….,’” 9th Wonder suggested, referencing K. Dot’s digs at Drake’s complexion on his previous diss song “Euphoria.”

Further peeling back the apparent layers, another viral post on X pointed out that “6:16 In LA” is produced by Kendrick Lamar’s longtime collaborator Sounwave and Jack Antonoff, who is best known for his…

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