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Kanye West’s ‘Good Life’ Originally Had Other Features, T-Pain Says

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T-Pain has revealed that there are various other unreleased versions of his classic Kanye West collaboration “Good Life” featuring other artists.

In an interview with Billboard, the rappa turnt sanga delved into the history of the track, which cracked the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100 and appeared on West’s third album Graduation.

“That song took two months to record. There’s five different versions of the hook and he didn’t use any of them,” T-Pain said. “The version that we know now, I didn’t hear that version of the song until I got to the video shoot.

“It sounded nothing like that in the studio. The sample wasn’t there. John Legend was on it, I think Marsha Ambrosius. So many different versions, so many different artists.”

He added: “Every time he had an idea, I had to go back to work on the song. A very stressful song to make but it turned out great. Once the song got released, I don’t think I was happy because he didn’t use the stuff that was supposed to be hooks. He just kinda pieced together a lot of other stuff I did but it worked.”

Watch T-Pain reflect on the song at the 3:18 mark below.

Youtube Video - T-Pain Reveals There Are Unreleased Versions Of Kanye West's 'Good Life' With Other Features

The Florida native previously claimed that Kanye West stole a line from him after previously dismissing it as corny.

“Kanye stole one of my corny lines,” he said on Twitch in 2021. “I couldn’t believe it. Kanye stole one of my corny lines after he told me it was corny. I don’t think he said it better. I don’t think anything happened that his was better than mine.

“Because mine was out. I was working on Watch The Throne and I was so proud of my new mixtape that I had coming, and it was mostly rap. There was a lot of rap on my shit.

“And I was showing Kanye my shit to be like, ‘Is this good rap?’ I really wanted his fucking opinion. I was dying. It’s fucking Kanye bro, you know what I’m saying? I got a chance to show Kanye my fucking raps?”

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He continued: “And…

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