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Kanye West shares video of North storyboarding music video

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Miss Miss Westie has entered the chat.

Kanye West posted a video of his daughter North West walking him through a storyboard for her music video Wednesday night.

In the Instagram post, the 10-year-old seems to be holding the camera as she pans to several photos and quotes written on note cards hung on a wall and tells her dad what’s going on.

North begins by showing photos of a Lamborghini and two men playing basketball and explains that she’s “in my Lamborghini, driving to basketball practice, and I’m driving in the front seat, and I’m just by myself.”

“I go, ‘You don’t want no problems,’ and I do some basketball practice,” she says.

From there, North takes her dad to three photos: two of vultures — a nod to his forthcoming album with Ty Dolla $ign, and one of her friends dressed in matching pink pajamas for her 10th birthday last year.

“Then it’s all my friends and vultures, my merch and then, like, one vulture is flying around,” she says.

The next scene includes five images: one of a Lamborghini driving at sunset, two of the famous Nobu Malibu restaurant, a fourth of North walking with two friends and a final snap of two people in a car being hounded by paparazzi.

“And then I drive over to Nobu, and it’s getting night, it’s almost night, so then I go, ‘It’s your bestie,’” she says, adding that her friends call her, “Miss Miss Westie.”

Eventually, North and her pals run into a problem when they pull up to Nobu and see the paparazzi in the video treatment.

“So then me and my friends yell at the car like, ‘Don’t try to test me,’ and then we start the car, so the Lamborghini and then some friends are still yelling, ‘It’s gonna get messy,’ because, like, we don’t want them,” she shares.

North then pans to a solo shot of Ye, 46, and two people boxing.

“Then my dad says, ‘Bless me’ the second time, and then me and…

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