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JPEGMAFIA Responds To Critiques Of Kanye West Meetup

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JPEGMAFIA and Kanye West‘s recent meetup has attracted its fair share of detractors, but the former isn’t here to listen to the criticism about it.

In a tweet that was subsequently deleted — but reposted by Ye on his Instagram stories on Saturday (January 27) — Peggy went into great detail about how much he respects the 808s & Heartbreaks rapper.

“When i said i love an artist there’s nothing political about it,” he said. “Ye is my favorite artist of all time. I’ve been saying it for years. If it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t be here period. And I love him period. It’s offensive to me that some people on here took a moment i had been waiting on my whole life and twisted into some weird ass oppression olympics.”

He continued: “You can’t play oppression olympics with a grown black man whose dealt with racism in real time. So please shut the actual fuck up and keep bumping the artist yall like that beat bitches up and rape girls in real life. Because that’s your reality not mine.”

“don’t round me up to be a nazi because your sheltered and stupid and have no respect or context [for] anything black or for my experiences as [a] black man in this country,” he concluded. “just go back to reddit. i make goals and achieve them. you make mean threads. we will never be alike, no matter how much you want it to be.”

Check out the post below.

It’s unclear, though, whether JPEGMAFIA is responding to criticism specifically around the shirt West was wearing in the photo of their meetup, which featured a picture of a murderous neo-Nazi; around Ye’s string of antisemitic comments dating back to fall 2022, or both.

Last week, the Brooklyn native took to Instagram to post a few photos of him alongside Yeezy, seemingly teasing a possible appearance on Ye and Ty Dolla…

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