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Joyner Lucas Confirms He Dated Ashanti Before She Got Back With Nelly

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Joyner Lucas has finally broken his silence about rumors of a 2020 romance with Ashanti, sparked after the two teamed up for the rapper’s “Fall Slowly” music video.

During an interview with The Jason Lee Podcast that premiered on Wednesday (April 10), the Massachusetts native opened up about his relationship with the “Foolish” singer prior to her reconciliation with Nelly last year.

“She’s an amazing person,” he said about his former partner. “I’m a private n-gga. I don’t talk about it, but what I will say is that she’s an amazing person and [I’m] super happy for her. She’s about to have a baby. I know how much she wanted to be a mom.”

The “I’m Not Racist” MC even revealed that the two discussed having kids of their own during their time together, though he wasn’t in the right place at the time to move forward it. Still, he maintains that he felt strongly about her through it all.

“I would say I loved her, for sure … She’s a very easy person to be in love with though. She’s dope, super dope person, bro. I’m not just saying that,” he added. “I knew that what she wanted and what she needed — I don’t feel like I could’ve fulfilled that at that time. ‘Shanti been in the game for 25 years; I just got in the game. I know what she wanted and what she needed.

“I don’t feel like I was in a place in my life where I could commit to that, and that’s about it. But, you know, I’m happy she got [her] way. I’m happy that she ended up going— spun the block with Nelly, and now she’s having a baby. I’m super proud of her … She’s gonna be an amazing mom. I would tell her that all the time.”

About the nature of their bond and age difference, he added: “I do feel like it’s something about older women that I gravitate towards, and I just think it’s because older women understand certain shit that young women don’t.

“It’s not even all about sex though; it’s like an intellectual level. I just feel…

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