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J. Cole Reunites With Wale At Manager’s 40th Birthday Party

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J. Cole has reunited with Wale at the 40th birthday of his longtime manager Ibrahim “Ib” Hamad.

Hamad shared photos from the big bash on his Instagram page on Sunday (February 25), including one of him with Cole and Wale.

Cole also raised a toast to Hamad backstage at a recent gig while he was on tour with Drake and Lil Durk.

In the short speech, the Dreamville rapper said: “I will say, my n-gga, we love you and appreciate you. Happy 40th. Big one.”

J. Cole and Wale have been longtime friends since the beginning of their careers, first collaborating together in 2009 on “Rather Be With You (Vagina Is for Lovers)” and “Beautiful Bliss,” which was one of Cole’s first mainstream songs.

In 2016, Cole released the song “False Prophets” which featured a verse seemingly about Wale.

Cole rapped: “I got a homie, he a rapper and he wanna win bad/ He want the fame, the acclaim, the respect that’s been had/ By all the legends, so every time I see him, he stressin’/ Talkin’ ’bout n-ggas don’t fuck with him, this shit is depressin’/ And I know he so bitter he can’t see his own blessings.”

Just two days later, Wale replied with “Groundhog Day” where he rapped: “I remember me and Cole would open for Hov/ Everyday a star is born, I guess I died in the womb/ I ain’t make it on Blueprint, so made me a blueprint/ You got you a nice watch, my minutes was finished.”

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Wale also said on the song: “Thoughts of suicide cause who gon’ want you alive/ When n-ggas you used to ride with cry with all that high shit/ Talking down in they interviews, I ain’t forget that Scott/ Only difference is I didn’t get no sympathy calls to get back up/ I just heard a song about me on a Hip Hop blog from a kid I know.”

Despite rumors of beef between them, the two rappers were spotted courtside together at a basketball game later that year.

They later reunited in…

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