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Gillie Da Kid Issues Warning To ‘Hot’ Rappers: ‘Gonna Regret It’

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Gillie Da Kid has a word for any rapper who is turning down easy money while their career is on fire – as it won’t be that way forever.

Taking to Instagram with a video on Wednesday (April 10), the Philly native dropped a million dollaz worth of game as he gave his rap peers a tip on how to stay afloat financially.

“Let me tell all you rap n-ggas out there something,” he began. “All you n-ggas that think ‘cause you hot today, you gon’ be hot tomorrow? You’ll cool off fast as a muthafucka. You’ll be getting 150 tomorrow and you’ll be getting 10,500 next year so you better capitalize. All you n-ggas running around here, ‘Oh I want 150!’ A n-gga offer you 110 and you talking about, ‘I can’t do it.’ Bitch, you can’t take 110,000 to go to the club and drink some liquor and smoke some fucking weed?

“A lot of you n-ggas is goofy and then soon as you bitches get cold, you gon’ be regretting it. All them times you turned down them 70s and them 80s and them 110s. You gon’ regret it, n-gga. Trust me. I’m telling you. You better get that money while it’s good because you’ll be hot today, bitch, and you’ll be freezing cold tomorrow.”

Earlier this year, Gillie Da Kid made it clear that he does not want Million Dollaz Worth of Game, the show he co-hosts with Wallo, to be considered a podcast.

He posted a long video to Instagram  in response to seeing his show featured on an (unnamed) list of best Black podcasts. He had two main issues with the placement.

First, that there was even a list of best Black podcasts at all — a conceit he referred to as “Black-on-Black crime.”

“I never seen the top white podcasts of 2023,” he said. “I never seen that pop up, because they could just live in they own space. They ain’t in no competition with each other.”

Gillie Da Kid Trolls Wallo With Photo Of Him ‘Partying’ With Diddy & R. Kelly

Second, Gillie objected to his show being called a “podcast” at…

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