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Drake Takes Issue With ‘Racist’ Playboi Carti Filter

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Drake has taken issue with the Playboi Carti‘s filter on Instagram, calling it “racist.”

The 6 God filmed himself using the filter, which superimposes a white horned hat on a user’s face, while partying with friends in a nightclub on Sunday (February 25).

However, Drizzy seemed to believe that the filter only worked when he panned his camera onto lighter-skinned people, including himself.

“Carti, this filter’s racist,” Drake joked in a video posted to his Instagram Stories.

He also wrote in the caption: “Unusually bias Carti filter that detects light skins wtf kind of technology is this?!??”

Carti has yet to respond to Drake’s comments about the filter.

Playboi Carti has had his own drama in recent days after getting confronted by a fan over the prospect of releasing new music.

A video emerged on social media last week showing a fan getting up close and personal with the rapper in a desperate plea for new music.

“Please bruh, music, please, please,” pleaded the male fan as he bumped foreheads with Carti.

The Atlanta native appeared largely unresponsive to the man’s pleas as he shook hands with another fan.

Carti’s demeanor in the clip led to accusations that he was on drugs, with one fan commenting: “I know people claim that these rappers don’t do the drugs that they rappers, but he’s living proof that he’s snorting the lines.”

Another said: “Take his ass to rehab smh.”

Drake Teases New Music Despite Planned ‘Break’: ‘It’s Hard For Me To Stay Away’

Carti also recently addressed his bizarre appearance on Adin Ross’ livestream where he stayed mostly silent after being given a bag of cash said to contain $2 million.

Appearing via phone on one of Ross’ follow-up streams, Carti attempted to explain his brief cameo.

When Ross said he wanted Carti to make…

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