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Chuck D Quotes Henry Rollins To Explain Problem With Hip Hop Tours

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Chuck D‘s proximity to the rock world is no secret, and he has now pointed his followers to one of Henry Rollins’ published reflections on the live music space to illustrate why Hip Hop is trailing behind.

On Monday (April 10), the Public Enemy MC shared a quote on X from the punk icon’s 1997 book Black Coffee Blues about the importance of complying with venue staff rather than indulging in “rockstar bullshit.”

“Listen to the stage manager and get on stage when they tell you to,” the Black Flag veteran wrote. “No one has time for the rockstar bullshit. None of the techs backstage care if you are David Bowie or the milkman. When you act like a jerk, they are completely unimpressed with the infantile display that you might think comes with your dubious status.

“They were there hours before you building the stage, and they will be there hours after you leave tearing it down. They should get your salary and you should get theirs.”

In the caption of his post, Chuck added: “This is why Rock tours get bigger and greater. When they urbanized our music with thinned managements it became too top heavy and the bottom fell out. Lack of administration. The Rock promoters concern is not only counting the crowd but how they leave to one day return. Not urban.”

Chuck D and Henry Rollins have a longstanding admiration for one another.

Back in 2002, the music legends joined forces for the song “Rise Above” as part of an album made up entirely of Black Flag covers.

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When Rollins landed his own talk show with the…

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