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Why Alec Baldwin called Paul McCartney an ‘a–hole’ during yoga class

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Don’t take a yoga class with Paul McCartney unless you want your ego bruised.

Alec Baldwin once called the Beatles musician an “a–hole” for showing off his expert yoga skills when they took classes together, he revealed on Wednesday’s episode of the “Our Way with Paul Anka and Skip Bronson” podcast.

“I used to take a yoga class with Lorne [Michaels], John Eastman, who’s Paul’s brother in-law, John Alexander, the painter, Paul and I,” he explained. “We called ourselves the ‘yoga boys.’”

However, the “30 Rock” alum, 66, said the “only one” who was actually good at yoga was McCartney, 81 — and he often let them know it.

“He would do a handstand or a headstand and he had the most lithe body you’ve ever seen — and back then he was in his late 60s — and he was so fit,” Baldwin continued.

“One time he does a headstand before he leaves, and he gets up and whispers to me, he goes, ‘I’m gonna go take my daughter to lunch. I’ll see you guys later.’”

Baldwin then joked he had some choice words for the legendary singer, 81.

“I looked up at him after he does the headstand and I go, ‘You’re an a–hole.’ And I never thought I’d call one of The Beatles an a–hole, but he was just always showing us up with his physical skills,” he concluded.

“He was a very fit guy.”

Although the “Rust” actor wasn’t very good at yoga, he found other ways to take care of himself — specifically sober living.

Elsewhere in the episode, Baldwin discussed his decision to stop drinking alcohol nearly four decades ago.

“I don’t discuss this a lot,” he prefaced. “I discuss it every now and then when it makes sense. I’m 39 years sober. I got sober…

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