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Ryan Gosling Would Like to Redo ‘La La Land’ Scene Because of His “La La Hand” on the Movie Poster

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Ryan Gosling has revealed a moment in 2016’s La La Land that still “haunts” him to this day.

In an interview for WSJ Magazine‘s “The One” video series, the actor admitted that if he could, he would reshoot the film’s dance sequence with co-star Emma Stone that was featured on the movie’s promo poster. As for his reason why, it’s all because of what he described as his “La La Hand.”

“There’s a moment that haunts me where we’re dancing, Emma and I. I didn’t know this would become the poster for the movie,” The Fall Guy actor said before letting out a long sigh. “But I thought we were supposed to have our hands up and I thought it’d be cool to put my hand like that,” referring to his wrist slanting down compared to Stone’s hand, as seen in the photo above.

Gosling noted that “even though everyone told me it wasn’t cool,” he disagreed at the time — a decision he regrets years later.

“Now when I look at it — and I have to see it all the time — you know what would have been cooler than this?” the Barbie star asked, holding his hand up in a similar position as the poster. “That,” he responded, pointing his wrist up, to appear similar to Stone’s.

“It just killed the energy that way,” Gosling quipped. “It was sort of like, all leading to what? Just like a lazy … I call it ‘La La Hand.’”

He was later asked if having a dance background helped him prepare for the role of Sebastian in the Damien Chazelle-written and directed film.

“I thought it would help in La La Land and then, of course, hamburger-hands Gosling over here,” the actor said. “It didn’t help me at all in the end.”

Gosling ultimately scored an Oscar nomination for best actor for his performance in the movie. La La Land won six Oscars total that year.

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