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Ryan Gosling, Kate McKinnon break character – again – while reprising alien abduction skit on ‘SNL’

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Ryan Gosling and Kate McKinnon could not keep it together while reprising their alien abduction skit on the most recent episode of “Saturday Night Live.”

The “La La Land” star and the comedian broke character multiple times during their “Close Encounter: Cold Open” skit, as they explained to National Security Agency officers how they were abducted by aliens while wearing translucent robes, or in McKinnon’s case, nothing at all.

The two chuckled intermittently while attempting to keep their composure. However, Gosling lost all control as McKinnon — who played a woman named Colleen — demonstrated how the aliens touched him.

“Just in case you are wondering, I did not become aroused,” Gosling, who played a character named Todd, told the agents. “Anytime I felt like I might, I just looked at Colleen here.”

The “Barbie” actor, 43, explained the aliens were infatuated with him in the same way “middle schoolers” would be “meeting Taylor Swift” because they were obsessed with the hair on his “troll nose.”

“These [aliens], they’re smooth down there,” Gosling continued, unable to hide his smile. “They’re like a broken doorbell — no dong — and I’m wearing my see-through robe, so when they saw that I was packing a troll nose — they just went right for it.”

“My grumpy and my dumpy were old news the minute they saw Todd’s troll nose hanging there,” the “Bombshell” actress, 40, chimed in, referring to her chest.

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Gosling and McKinnon performed part one of their “Close Encounter” skit in December 2015 alongside comedian Cecily Strong.

At the time, the two had a hard time holding back their laughs while explaining their different alien encounters.

The “Drive” star’s laughing streak continued throughout his “SNL” skits over the weekend as he also lost composure while acting…

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