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Lego Unveils ‘Jaws’ Set Timed for Summer Season

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Cue the famous John Williams score, because it’s time to not go into the water. Instead,i t’s time to head to a fine table to build with bricks.

Lego has unveiled a new set based on Jaws, the Steven Spielberg blockbuster that changed summer moviegoing and made countless people afraid to go into the ocean.

The 1497-piece set comes with three minifigures – Martin Brody, Matt Hooper and Sam Quint, the characters played by Roy Scheider, Richard Dreyfuss and Robert Shaw, respectively. The three shark hunters are aboard the Orca boat, which has a detailed cabin and a removable roof. Among the accessories are a revolver, compass, fishing rod, harpoon, spear, and, of course, the yellow barrels (see the images below). Also included is the infamous shark, which is not in one piece, but must be built.

The set can be displayed as a cool diorama on a brick-built seawater base, with the shark attacking the boat. It features a display tile with one of the movie’s signature lines, “You’re gonna need a bigger boat.”

You can also ditch the base and put the shark on its own stand and just have fun playing a game of “devour the humans.” And then add minifigs from Star Wars just for the heck of it.

The set hails from the company’s Lego Ideas platform, which is where fan designers and builders from around the world can submit ideas and prototypes that can be turned into official sets, depending on fan voting and internal reviews.

Lego and Jaws fan Johnny Campbell, who lives in Ireland, twice submitted designs for a set, the second one in 2022 after he restarted from scratch. That design took off with the brick community and eventually passed muster with Lego. (He has also made models based off of Close Encounters of the Third Kind and Blue Thunder.)

“Lego building has always been a part of my life in some shape or form but in order to get all of the finer details, I actually freeze-framed Jaws as I…

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