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Kate Winslet, James Cameron address post-‘Titanic’ feud rumors

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Kate Winslet and James Cameron are shutting down speculation that they feuded after filming “Titanic.”

“There was never a rift between us,” the movie’s director told Variety in a profile on the actress published Wednesday.

“She had a little postpartum depression when she let go of [the character of] Rose,” he explained. “She and I have talked about the fact that she goes really, really deep, and her characters leave a lasting, sometimes dramatic impression on her.”

Winslet, for her part, said, “There’s a part of me that feels almost sad that stupid, speculative ‘Titanic’ stuff at the time overshadowed the actual relationship I have with him.”

But it wasn’t that speculative, as Winslet told the Los Angeles Times in April 1997 – eight months before the once-highest-grossing film of all time hit theaters – that one “would have to pay [her] a lot of money to work with Jim again.”

She told the same outlet the following month, “[Cameron] has a temper like you wouldn’t believe. … As it was, the actors got off lightly. I think Jim knew he couldn’t shout at us the way he did to his crew because our performances would be no good.”

The Oscar winner went on to characterize Cameron to the LA Times as “a really tough nut to crack,” as “there were times [she] was genuinely frightened of him.”

However, she confessed at the time that she eventually “did come to understand him.”

Winslet, who will be back in Cameron’s next installment of “Avatar,” told Variety, “He knows I will be up for anything. Any challenge, any piece of direction you give me? I’ll try it.”

Cameron noted he’s “in the cutting room now” and that he “work[s] with her performance every…

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