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Israeli-Palestinian Film Collective, Ukraine War Archive to Get Sheffield DocFest Spotlight

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The Sheffield DocFest 2024 will shine the spotlight on a collective of Palestinian and Israeli filmmakers, the Ukraine War Archive project, and more, as organizers on Friday unveiled that the theme for the 31st edition of the English festival will be “Reflections on Realities.”

The event, taking place June 12-17, will offer a special program of films and conversations under the title “Days of Reflection” on the themes of co-resistance, freedom of the press, ancestral lands, and archiving the present, which will feature premieres of No Other LandState of SilenceYintah, and Witnesses: Captivity That Kills.

“Sheffield DocFest firmly believes in the transformative power of documentaries to spark curiosity, engage audiences, and foster meaningful discussions,” organizers said. “Recognizing the interconnected challenges of rising polarization, freedom of the press, attacks on independent journalism, and the many violent conflicts around the world, we have thought deeply about our position and responsibility as a charity committed to advancing the art of documentary.”

Added the organizers: “As an organization, we denounce all forms of violence and discrimination worldwide. In light of the attacks in Israel on Oct. 7th, and the war in Palestine, and the escalation of conflict in the Middle East, we support the call for a ceasefire and the release of all hostages. We condemn this war and all the wars affecting millions worldwide, and thank the courageous filmmakers from the Middle East, Ukraine, and Sudan who bring their stories to us this year.”

They also emphasized that they would “challenge and address any discriminatory or harmful behavior at any of our events.”

Below is a closer look at the Sheffield DocFest themes and films addressing them.

“From Uruguayan sex workers advocating for policy change, to Indian farmers and their families protesting unjust laws,…

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