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Comedian Brittany Schmitt reveals ex Armie Hammer tattooed her

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Comedian Brittany Schmitt revealed her ex Armie Hammer “branded” her during their very first date.

“So, this is, like, my bad in not noticing a red flag. I’m a Taurus, I’m a bull, so I love a red flag,” Schmitt told pal Brittany Furlan on the “This Is the Worst” podcast Wednesday.

“So, the first night we did hang out, he did give us tattoos.”

Furlan, who is married to Tommy Lee, couldn’t contain her shock upon hearing the admission, as she believed the “Call Me by Your Name” star had given Schmitt the ink weeks into the brief romance, which occurred in August.

“They’re on my hand. They’re cute,” Schmitt, 32, said. “He was just doing stick and poke, but it did escalate over the time that he was staying with this guy he was sober companioning.

“He did order a tattoo gun.”

Schmitt shared that Hammer, 37, began “tattooing strangers” and calling it “Cannibal Ink” in light of his 2021 scandal.

“He thought he was being funny, and I was like, ‘Maybe don’t lean into that,’” she recalled. “But yeah, we got matching tattoos the first night, which I was in a dark place.”

Another one of Hammer’s exes, Paige Lorenze, previously claimed to that the actor had branded the letter “A” near her vagina with a knife, but his attorney later said in a statement that “any interactions” were “fully discussed, agreed upon and mutually participatory.”

Schmitt, who is also sober, did share that the “Social Network” star was “very open about everything” and “very willing to talk” about his kinks, which she said he described as “a cycle of completion.”

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“‘I’m inside of you. I want you to be inside of me,’” she recalled him saying, to which she quipped, “‘Could I just put a finger in your butt?’”

Schmitt further explained that Hammer’s “cannibalism” kink was simply him…

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