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Megan The Stallion’s ‘HISS’ Brings The Heat And The Fashion

by Black America Web

Megan Thee Stallion dropped her new single “HISS” and a feisty music video to go along with it on January 26. Now everyone is talking about it, including the fashion girlies.

Styled by celebrity “it girl” favorite Zerina Akers,’ Meg is as slayed to the ‘gawds in the song’s music video as she is with her words. Keep scrolling for outfit details from the Hot Girl Coach’s new music video for “HISS.”

After giving a direct audio preamble to the audience of having to get “some things off her chest,” Meg’s video opens with her hatching out of an egg. From there, the video transitions between different visuals and settings with Megan as the center. Sometimes shots include mirrors reflecting the 28-year-old or various screens with her face card, but the video’s focus is clearly The Stallion. There are no background dancers or extras in the video.

As the video morphs into varying scenes, Megan switches up her style. We are swooning over each ‘fit.

Megan’s first two looks are monochromatic red moments. The first ensemble is a red rope bodysuit dress with the creative appearance of blood or veins. The ropes hang down to the floor, cascading from Meg’s bottom. The dress is see-through, showing off her melanin skin and sexy body.

“These n*ggas thinkin’ they lowered the value. All this free promo, I’m turnin’ a profit,” says Meg while dipped in red.

The second look builds off the first with red fabric cut-outs throughout a funky bodycon dress. The ankle-length dress is one-shoulder and long-sleeved. Megan rocks dark, long locks with the first two looks.

Megan Thee Stallion gives Cruella DeVille and ‘Ice Queen’ in “HISS”

Megan also plays with trendy styles, fabrics, and over-the-top jewelry with her video slays. One of her outfits features a “split-decision” Cruella DeVille-like black and white outfit. Meg matches a white long-sleeve bra top with a sleeveless black one and silver…

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