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Megan Ashley Dishes On Tools She Uses To Hold Herself Accountable

by Black America Web

Within the past year, Megan Ashley recounts losing her marriage to divorce, a friendship she thought would last a lifetime, and her self- worth. Despite the pain and grief that accompanied the losses she encountered, in the end she regained her faith in God. Ashley recently sat down with the host of the Dear Future Wifey podcast, Laterras Whitfield, and reflected on how a few setbacks prepared her for a major comeback.

Ashley starts off the episode by holding herself accountable and self-reflecting on the areas within herself that could use a bit of work. “I can be aggressive. I can be defensive. All the things,” Ashley said. Her openness prompted Whitfield to reference the men who mention women not holding themselves accountable, with her words proving them all wrong. Shifting the discussion and jumping into the lessons learned in her previous marriage, Laterras asked, “What did you learn about yourself in your past marriage?” Focusing on the importance of God at the head of any relationship, she responded, “I learned that, first of all, it’s impossible to have healthy love without the Lord.”

Speaking to the importance of knowing your role and taking accountability for your own actions within a situation, Ashley credited therapy for a portion of her growth, but also highlighted knowing oneself and “keeping it a buck.”

“At the end of the day, you have to take accountability for your role,” she said. Ashley shared with Laterras that God brought her to a place of humility last year in the midst of everything she was going through that caused her to check herself and realize pride played a huge role in her behavior.

After the loss and the grief, Ashley chose to dedicate more time to God. She spoke on realizing that she dedicated parts of herself to God over the years, but never gave her entire self to God in totality. Realizing certain things no longer served her in the same way they did prior to her regaining her…

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