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Meagan Good Dishes On Darla’s Character In Shazam 2

by Black America Web

Black women are superheros but that doesn’t mean we don’t need and deserved to be rescued. For Meagan Good that means feeling protected. She may play a caped baddie in Shazam! Fury of the Gods but, in real life, she wants to be seen as so much more.

“I think there is that energy and attitude that Black women are just always strong, which is true. At the end of the day, we’re also a lot more things,” the beloved actress passionately explained. “We also are very vulnerable. We also need to be protected. We also need you to be gentle with us. We also need so many other things. Yes, this one thing exists, but let’s explore the silliness, the vulnerability, the insecurity, the sometimes damage, whatever it may be.”

Good reprises her role as Darla in the DC Extended Universe flick. We spoke to the booked and busy actress, who opened up about tapping into the role, her ideal super-suit, and the beauty of Black women.

One of the most physically demanding stunts of playing Darla was being dropped out of the sky. Literally, out of the sky. At first, being dropped from approximately 80 miles per hour from one hundred feet in the air was a big no-no, but eventually, Good tapped into her inner superhero and embraced the adrenaline.

“I mean, I did it, but I had to practice it. I had to start out doing 20 miles per hour, then building up to 30, 40, 50 until I got as fast as I could go without my head exploding,” Good laughed during our Zoom meeting. “I think that was the hardest part because I’m not like a rollercoaster person. I just don’t like drops. You can fling me into the air this way, that way, anything – but just don’t drop me.”

While flying probably wouldn’t be at the top of her list, I also managed to ask Good what her superpowers – and super suit – would be like if she was bestowed the abilities from a magical lightning bolt herself. Very similar to Darla’s suit, the Harlem actress would still be rocking purple…

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