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LisaRaye McCoy Shares Her Dating Non-Negotiables And First Date Fit Checks

by Black America Web

We’ve seen Too Hot To Handle, Love Is Blind, 90 Day Fiancee, Love Island, and even Love After Lockup, but now TVOne is presenting a new-age form of dating that gets your best friends involved. Introducing Asking For A Friend, a modernized self-contained dating show where two single-and-ready-to-mingle besties choose blind dates for one another. The kicker? Each blind date is a double date and each hour-long episode is chock full of fun surprises and unpredictable outcomes.

When TVOne was searching for a host for their new dating show, they knew that LisaRaye McCoy was the right person and the perfect voice for the job; and they had their eyes specifically on her. “Of course, that feeds a girl’s ego. That’s always great when a network calls you and says it’s you that we want because that takes away all the competition and all the other fluff,” LisaRaye revealed to HelloBeautiful jokingly. “When they told me it was a dating show, I understood why they chose me, first of all, because my single life is just as big as my career. It’s just as relevant as that. Everybody wants to know who I’m doing it to and who is doing it to me.”

The Player’s Club star continued, “Right now, with the placement of racism, equality, brutality, and everything that’s going on right now that we’re fighting for, boycotting for, and voting for, the world needs love. Love is universal. Everybody’s looking for love. Everybody wants love. We’re trying to find love and I thought that this was a refreshing, light way to approach putting couples together to find love.”

Bringing her full and unapologetic self to the hosting gig, McCoy was fully present in her personality with the narration of the show – and we would not expect anything less. Ahead of the premiere of her television show, the new TVOne host exclusively caught up with HelloBeautiful about how she gets ready for a first date, what she looks for in a potential suitor, and…

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