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Legend Making Legends: Issa Rae Continues Creating Real Stories For The Culture & Putting The Girls On

by Black America Web

This week we reintroduced you to living legend Larry Wilmore for his amazing contributions to the television and film industries. Wilmore is one of entertainment’s leading executives and the reason many other Black creatives like Issa Rae have been able to put countless other filmmakers in position. Here’s how one legend helped forge the path for a new legend named Issa Rae.

Wilmore remembers the moment his manager asked him to meet with an aspiring writer and filmmaker named Issa Rae in late spring 2013. At the time, he recalls being unaware of her buzzing web series “The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl.” Wilmore did his research and says, “it was one of those ‘fall in love at first sight’ type of things” He instantly recognized her greatness and the potential within her existing lesser-known web series.

The two hit it off the first time they met with constant laughs and what Wilmore refers to as a “creative flirtationship.” Wilmore liked her so much and saw her vision for the future. They went on to collaborate on Issa’s breakout role as both the co-creator and star on HBO’s hit series “Insecure.”

“HBO was looking for me to possibly supervise her project,” Wilmore tells Indie Wire. “As somebody who had a lot of TV experience, to lend her a supervisory role. At the time, I wasn’t really doing anything, and I said, ‘Hey, do you want to just write this together? I’d like to just collaborate with you.’ We had one of the most fun summers just working on this project together, and hanging out and figuring out what the show was going to be.”

Since the culturally impactful show, Issa has managed to launch her own production company with HOORAE, release her second TV series “Rap Sh!t,” star in films like The Photograph, and continuously push the envelope by telling authentic stories for the Black community.

Rae’s contributions to the TV industry has elevated everyone around her from her…

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