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Jonathan Majors’ Critics Were Quick To Call Him ‘Abusive’ Without Proof After Assault Arrest

by Black America Web

Even before the surprise arrest of Jonathan Majors for an alleged assault on his girlfriend over the weekend, people in the movie industry were reportedly calling the actor an abuser. Those accusations were trumpeted even louder once news of the arrest in New York City was reported despite the absence of any evidence corroborating the claims.

One critic, in particular, posted a cryptic tweet in February that claimed an unnamed actor was “a vicious, cruel, abusive human being” on and off of movie sets. While it was initially unclear to whom filmmaker A.B. Allen was referring to in the tweet, another Twitter user posted a screenshot of the tweet on Saturday night and wrote: “Now we know who this tweet was about.”

That would have been innocent enough until Allen seemingly confirmed the suspicions by responding in the affirmative and tweeting: “Ding / Ding / Ding / Ding.”

Allen later tweeted that he was keeping the actor’s name private because disclosing it “would still expose people who have been hurt and deserve to not become part of some larger media inquiry if they don’t want to. So I’m not gonna get into the details. But now y’all know what his ~deal~ is, so.”

Then, finally, in case there was any confusion over who Allen was talking about, he tweeted once again in apparent glee and suggested he would keep his “fingers crossed” that Majors’ career was finished.

“This is actually all happening much more quickly and catastrophically than I would’ve guessed but it’s a relief cause I can’t do another press tour of ‘smol bean jonathan majors’ for Avengers 8 or whatever,” Allen, known for his directorial and cinematography work, tweeted. “Feels like it’s Over for him, fingers crossed.”

Hours after Allen’s tweets were posted, Majors’ lawyer announced that video evidence as well as two separate statements from the accuser “recanting” the allegations will clear the actor.

As of Monday morning,…

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