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Joey Bada$$ Writes A Love Letter To Black Women

by Black America Web

Click inside to check out Bumble’s latest initiative for Black History Month, featuring the talented Joey Bada$$ in a moving tribute to Black women!

Building on the success of last year’s #LoveLettersToBlackWomen campaign, highlighted by Adweek for its impactful storytelling, Bumble continues to champion the celebration of Black women’s invaluable contributions to our culture. This year, they’ve again partnered with visionary Creative Director and Musician Jesse Boykins III to co-create a compelling, social-first content piece that unveils a rarely seen, vulnerable side of Joey Bada$$.

“I don’t think I tell you this enough, but you are so sacred to me,” Joey begins. “It’s incredible watching you create your sanctuary the way you do while the world takes so much beauty away from you. I can’t imagine what you going through. All the problems in the hair you combing through.

“Just know you got my heart. The only one I’m coming home to. See, I been in my heart and mind, trying to find the right woman and they say that love is blind but you looking right to me. True love can’t be hard to find cause it’s sitting right in front of me.”

The 29 year-old rapper ended by saying “Please never forget how truly blessed you are. I’ll cater to your visions and be there while I’m growing your purpose. Real love is our language. And a Black woman is a blessing in my life.”

The poetic video, which launched last week (February 22), is a testament to Bumble’s ongoing commitment to uplift and honor Black women’s voices and experiences. You can watch the video below, or on Bumble’s Instagram and TikTok channels.

This campaign offers a unique lens on the celebration of Black women, blending artistry, emotion, and the ongoing dialogue about their indispensable role in our society. Bumble is honored to share this poignant yet powerful exploration of love and appreciation for Black women and amplify this message even further.


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