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Jazakallah Khair! 15 Black Celebs Who Proudly Identify As Muslim

by Black America Web


This week marks the beginning of a very special period for our Muslim brothers and sisters out there, as the month-long traditional practice of Ramadan is set to begin on Thursday (March 23). Although it was originally planned to start on March 22, things slightly changed after the Ramadan crescent moon failed to be sighted in Saudi Arabia on Tuesday evening as expected.

As it was intended — or in other words, “Mashallah!” — we humbly wish those celebrating while practicing the five pillars of Islam all the best and tons of willpower over the next 30 days.


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Signifying the ninth month on the Islamic calendar, Ramadan is dedicated exclusively to strengthening prayer, reflection and community amongst the Muslim people. One major well-known practice is the act of sawm, the fourth pillar that acts as another word for fasting. The customary act of abstaining from food and drink, starting at dawn and ending when nightfall arrives, is actually very valiant in its original intent. See, fasting helps Muslims feel compassion for those without the fundamentals of life that we take for granted daily, while also strengthening their gratitude for all that God has given them. The annual observance can be difficult for many, but is always welcomed by all who participate.

Since the very first Ramadan, where God is believed to have delivered the The Quran to final prophet Muhammad, the message has only grown exponentially across the globe. A good reason for that, outside of tradition being passed from generation to generation, can be credited to the celebrity support of Ramadan. Not surprisingly, many famous faces who identify with Islam also happen to be Black.


Whether you’re preparing to practice Ramadan or just show your support, take a look at 15 Black Muslim entertainers who will be right there fasting with the rest. Subhanallah!

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