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Ja Rule Says Hip-Hop Is Negatively Affecting Ja Morant’s Decisions

by Black America Web

Ja Morant has been in the news in recent weeks for more than his high-flying dunks. Morant was recently suspend by the Memphis Grizzlies for eight games without pay for alleged misconduct after flashing a gun at a strip club via Instagram live stream.

“Ja’s conduct was irresponsible, reckless and potentially very dangerous,” said NBA commissioner Adam Silver.  “It also has serious consequences given his enormous following and influence, particularly among young fans who look up to him.”

But someone from the Hip-Hop community says that the music is getting into Ja Morant’s head just a little too much. Grammy award-winning rapper Ja Rule says that Ja Morant’s shenanigans have been a product of the music he has been indulging.

After the idea that Ja Morant was a good kid acting hard was initially coined by NBA guard Patrick Beverly, fans began to believe that Morant began to carry this overly agressive behavior of a street dude.

Ja Rule was asked by TMZ his opinion of Ja Morant and his off-the-court antics. without condoning his behavior, Ja Rule was understanding of Ja Morant’s choices, being he was once young and made mistakes.

“Hip-hop is very influence,” Ja Rule said. “I’ve done things in my youth because of hip-hop.”

He also speaks to Morant’s immediate circle and emphasizes that he needs a true support system instead of a bunch of yes men in his circle just there to benefit from the fruits of his labor.

“The thing with Ja…I just hope he has better people around him.. let him know that that ain’t the way. Go play ball, man” Ja Rule told TMZ. “The streets ain’t about nothing, man. Go grind on ‘em. Keep balling. That’s it, man.”

Morant sat down with former NBA star Jalen Rose to discuss the incident that has caused all of this. He was extremely remorseful for the impact that this has had on his team and his family. “It’s not who I am. I don’t condone any type of violence, but I take…

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