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Where’s Beyoncé? Music industry wonders after ‘Cowboy Carter’ success, Diddy abuse scandal: insiders

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HIde ’em cowboy!

The music industry is on the verge of putting out a missing-person report for Beyoncé, hears.

With her once-blazing country album, “Cowboy Carter,” already going the way of the tumblin’ tumbleweed, biz vets say the superstar has inexplicably gone AWOL.

And insiders are muttering that it might be because she and husband Jay-Z are nervous about showing their faces during Diddy’s vast abuse scandal, lest they draw attention to their longtime friendship with the disgraced hip-hop mogul.

“This was supposed to be Beyoncé’s time, with her much-anticipated country album out [just] two months ago. And yet, she is nowhere to be seen. The album is slipping and Jay and B aren’t reveling in the spotlight,” said a shocked source.

“About a month before the [March 29] release, Jay-Z got up at the Grammys and whined that Beyoncé had never won Album of the Year. But now what? Does he think she will win . . . for ‘Cowboy Carter’ with no promotion . . . no appearances and no wooing of the academy?”

The source added that while the stunning record — which includes tracks with Dolly Parton, Willie Nelson and Miley Cyrus — is far from a flop, “it’s definitely not the juggernaut everyone thought it would be.”

They added, “Something is going on. It came out with a bang. No. 1 everywhere. [Now] it and she have disappeared.”

There has been scuttlebutt in the biz that the golden couple of music are laying low with their pal Diddy under fire — his homes in LA and Miami were raided in March by the Department of Homeland Security in what appears to be a sex-trafficking investigation.

The “Blueprint” rapper and Diddy have been close for decades, though there is nothing to connect Jay or Beyoncé to the investigation or any misconduct.

Reps for Beyoncé didn’t get back to us.

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